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Thread: This is driving me insane!!!

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    Right. This is what I have.
    An HTML page that contains a link to another HTML page which displays my brand new Flash Shockwave. When this link is clicked a new window that opens which I want to be the EXACT SIZE of the .swf movie. I have asked around and some people say it's a JavaScript thing (I have never used JavaScript) and others say it can be done in Aftershock.
    If you want an example of what I am talking about look here:
    (note - I don't want my window to open automatically like this one does)
    Please help - sanity and patience are running out fast.

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    Try this javascript tutorial. Hope this helps!!


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    To make a window open to exact size, you must insert the following code in the <head> of your HTML document that contains the link to the HTML page for your Flash doc.

    <script language="JavaScript">
    function exactsize() {
    window.open("name_of_flash_html_page.html","window _name","height=500,width=600,resizable=no");

    You must change the "name_of_flash_html_page.html" to the name of the HTML document that contains your Flash movie. Make sure you include the path, or make sure that your 2 HTML pages are located in the same folder.
    Change "window_name" to whatever you want to name the new window. Or youcan just leave it "window_name". Change the "height" and "width" to the dimensions of your Flash movie.

    OK...now for your link that connects to your Flash doc, write the following:

    <a href="#" onClick="exactsize();">Whatever image or test you're using as a link</a>

    Hope this helps!

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