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    Hmmm...Well old Scottie "karnt" help me, can you?

    I have a button that tells movie to jump to labelled frame "enter" to skip my intro movie.

    Button actions are

    On (Release)
    GoTo and stop ("enter")
    End On

    frame "enter" has action to stop audio1.swf loaded into level1 by going to the audio1.swf frame labelled "stop" that has an action to ""stop all sounds"

    Frame "enter" Actions are

    Begin Tell Target ("_level1")
    GoTo and stop ("stop")
    End Tell Target

    When I click on the button however, it sends the intro movie to the last frame instead of the "enter" frame. Actually, what I think is happening is it goes to the right frame but the frame doesn't stop the play head. I have another keyframe immediately after the "enter" frame which has "stop" action, in the hope that it might do it for me, but it still goes to the last feckin' frame!

    How do I set this up properly?

    I want to simply skip the intro movie which is the next scene that runs after a preload scene for the audio etc which is in the same swf file. It was all working great until I stuck the "skip" button & actions in 8o(

    And to top it all off...the loading animation (a movie clip) won't play even though its on the stage of the pre-loading scene in all frames!

    Can someone out there save me? I don't really want to upload the fla file if its at all possible coz I have limited server space left atm! But if thata the only way, I guess I'll have to find some huh!

    Thanx in advance

    Stone Gypzi

    To advance to a state of reason and sense, one first must live the state of TOTAL F****NG confussion!
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    i assume that u r not trying to run the movie within flash without the enable frame actions option selected.

    perhaps u can have a blank frame b4 the enter frame, button sends user there and it plays 1 frame to stop action.

    sometimes acting on a frame and initialising a variable or frame action on same frame can cause flash to miss the intended command [in my limited xperience]

    also, if the in order in which u create and target things is about face, it may not recognise stuff, even if it has an instance name by which it is targeted. So..
    try clearing the action from the button, saving the file and closing, reopen and redo the action on the button.


    As far as your missing movie clip, does it have an empty first frame? i have found that if an MC with empty 1st frame is aligned to centre of page, it becomes 0% scale and rotated 90 degrees for some very very strange reason. select it and check its' object properties in the inspector.
    the only remedy is to remove contents and paste into a new MC, but b on the watch out for scale issues!
    Also, place a rect outline in 1st frame, it will act as bounding box. hope i helped


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    Hey thanx mR_BunGLE

    In a round about sort of way that worked...I removed the instance of both the pre-loader movie clip & the button, then put 'em back in. The movie clip then worked great....but alas the button was still amiss. So I tried changing the button from a GoTo function to a Tell Target function.

    I targeted the actual level of the "enter" frame (which was the same level that was playing anyways) and then told target to go to the "enter" labelled frame. It then worked 8o))))

    So now it all comes together just great, all I gotta do now is get drunk & I'll be totally content hehehe

    Thanx again!

    Stone Gypzi

    Stay tuned for my next dilema! 8O)
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    sounds great, where are we going!!!!!!!!!

    hey, have one 4 me, i'm stuck @ work trying to figure out how to make a racing game, hmmmmmmpf

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