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Thread: MP3 Problems...Need help.

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    MP3 Problems...Need help.

    I'm pretty sure it's not the sound file that has some air in the front or back, so I must be doing something wrong in MX. I have a short beat. It should loop smoothly, but it skips. All I did was import the mp3 to my library and drag it onto its own layer. In the properties pallette, I told it to loop 10 times. Is there a better way of doing this...note, I am kind of new and am new at actionscripting too.

    The other problem is that it doesnt stop when you go into another section. In fact, it keeps playing and the next section's song begins. By the third section you have 3 different songs playing at the same time. Pretty sure im doing something wrong.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Does it take up one frame on the layer, or is it stretched out? You might want to stretch it out, so you can see if there is a dead frame space. If there is, delete the frame. Also, in the Sync dropdown, choose 'Start'. That may fix the overlap problem. If you are navigating to other sections with buttons, you may have to add a stopallsounds to the button.

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    you may also want to consider importing the sound file as WAV. You can then specify that you want flash to compress it to MP3 when it exports the movie. I have had problems in the past (with 5/MX) and the skip, or non-seemless looping before when importing sound as MP3. I have, however, had much better luck when importing as WAV

    hope that helps
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