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Thread: flash sources

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    flash sources

    i am a newbie to using flash. i have a great knowledge of html. i learned from reasing source codes from html pages. i was told to dwonload from the "movies" section for flash sources. when i downloaded them they had a movie file and a flash editing file. can anyone tell me how to go about reading the source and editing it like html or is it something totally different?

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    totally different
    nObOdY dIeS A vIrGiN,
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    hakkadan, it may be a good idea for you to get a bit familiar with the basics of ActionScript first, as it is indeed very different from HTML. Take a look at the tutorials on ActionScript in the tutorials (yes!) section here, they cover much of the basics. And the 'help' in Flash itself is quite informing too. That is, in my opinion, really a better idea than to try to learn from just the coding in .fla source files....

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    if you think you can figure it out, open up the actions and refrence windows and look at the actionscript

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    Originally posted by nepdude
    totally different
    ..although correct actionscripting does bear a remarkable resemblance to javascript. So, if you are proficient with js, then actionscripting should be simple to pick up and be able to use. But the previous comment is correct in saying you should get a handle on AS first -

    hope that helps
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