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Thread: Publishing Flash to the web

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    How do you publish flash to the web?
    I'm new to this game and cannot find any information on the subject.
    Do you call the file index as when you publish normal html
    or will the server find the .swf file

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    When you click "Publish" in Flash, both a .swf file and a HTML document are created. The HTML file contains the code that embeds your .swf in a web page. When you upload the .swf and HTML files to your server, the pages are parsed and read just like any other HTML doc by your browser.

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    make a normal html as home.html for info and detecting flash, maybe include a "get flash" link from macromedia

    there u should put your enter button! which links to the flash html - for fixed browser windows look for fk tutorial (search - window size)

    cu zero

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