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Thread: How to make a layer go on for ever?

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    How to make a layer go on for ever?

    Hi, I have some text in a layer on its own. How would I go about keeping it on the screen forever? Because when i add a frame in say frame 5 in another layer, the text dissapears.

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    You need to make sure the length of the layer is the same as the other layer.

    Add frames to your text layer to match the other layers length

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    Be sure that the layer containing the text is "above" any other layers with objects which would cover up where the text is.. Say if you have a background picture - the layer with the picture in it must be below the layer with the text in it.

    Other wise it's just like 3Primates said...
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    Do you know what would be a good idea, keeping the text on you site forever?

    Make another .swf file and put the text in it, load it into you main movie my the loadMovie command, (note, it has to appear as the top level, NOT AS Level 0), than the text is still visible, even the main movie turns to another scene.

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