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Thread: swf_rollover

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    might be a no brainer but help me out here guys
    loading an external swf on a rollover
    so on the rollout i want the swf to animate off
    right now the swf comes on with an actionscript move

    everything ive tried looks kind of clunky
    is there a standard way of doing this??
    \give me your suggestions please\\
    John Jakubowski

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    Please be a bit more clear on what it is you want. You say you have a button, somewhere on your stage. Then, when you rollover this button, it loads an external SWF file into a movieclip? Please be more clear on the situation and the problem. Good Luck!

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    you got it. button rollover loads an external swf on the main timeline on a level
    on roll-out i need it to animate offscreen smoothly.
    John Jakubowski

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