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Thread: Question on the best terminology

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    Question on the best terminology

    I'm writing a tutorial on Flash animation, and I'm explaining how motion tweens can't be used on lines and fills unless you group them or turn them into a symbol. Here's the relevant paragraph:

    When you draw something in Flash, you end up with a shape made of lines, or fills, or both. However, Flash can't use a motion tween on shapes. First, you need to turn them into a graphic symbol. A graphic symbol is a bit like a JPG or other image file—Flash stores the information for the graphic in its library, and you can have multiple copies of the image onscreen at the same time.

    My question is this: What's the best general term for lines and fills? "Shapes"? "Flash art"? Or just "lines and fills"?

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    What about "raw" shapes ???

    Matt ;0)

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