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Thread: Upload a File with Flash?

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    Upload a File with Flash?


    i am finding a solution to upload a file within flash...

    I need to do it within a projector compiled file, and not inside a browser...

    I tried with flash studio pro 1.5 but it can only READ ftp, and not write on it....

    Does anyone have an idea?


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    Well... Don't know of any application that does what you need...

    Of course, that's not an excuse not to make it :P... It's simple (less or more) to build an app that will upload/download files through FTP or HTTP interfaces... Once you build it, or some programmer does that for you (like me ), you will easily call it with fscommand exec...

    Of course, there can be other problem on that matter... If you are using Flash MX, you will have hard time passing the parameters...

    well, blah... hope it helps...

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    Found a Solution :)

    Hi :)
    thanks for your reply,

    I found a solution last friday....

    Here's the way:

    to easily build a file uploading procedure within a compiled flash projector. I could call a URL, but then there would be a popup, and i wouldnt like that.

    I compile the muvie using Flahs Studio Pro 1.5. It has FTP capabilities, but only in download. That means i cannot write onto any FTP server.
    With flash studio i can embed a browser window.
    So, i built a flash style upload page (with a hidden frame and a viewable flash interface calling the hidden form, the way i found on http://www.impulsedigital.com/idio/idio-v1/ )...
    And i call the page with a browser window embedded in the projector.
    It's going to be a hassle to build the system, but i guess i'll do it only once to find a standard.

    If Anybody has the same problem, mail me, if i can help i'll be happy to :)

    Thnaks for your reply anyway :)


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