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Thread: stop clip until movie loaded

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    stop clip until movie loaded

    I have a transition in the main movie that I hant to stop at a certain frame until the external swf is loaded. I have a stop frame and a frame labeled contine to go to after the movie loads. Have tried several approaches but just cant get it working properly.....ROOKIE

    Cheers Mike R

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    It's not that clear from your posting what your problem is, but I'll give you some pointers

    if you have to load an external .swf then just create a keyframe and put the following in

    loadMovie("myclip.swf", "_root.container");

    if you then want the imported clip to play and then after it's finnished for the main time line to carry on then just put this a/s in the last frame of the imported .swf


    where "startmovie" is a frame label on your main movie time line
    also if the imported .swf is bigger than 20-30k put a simple pre-loader in it

    However if you wish to preload a .swf but want the main movie to carry on (and not play the imported .swf until it is called by an action or event then just expand the timeline that has the

    loadMovie("myclip.swf", "_root.container");

    and then use the property method

    _root.container._visible = "false"

    then when you need to use the clip just make _visible = "true"

    Hope this helps

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