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Thread: Restoring DB

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    Restoring DB

    I made a backup of my DB so I could update my site. Now I want to restore my site but one of the restore files is just over 1 mb and it keeps freezing when I try loading it, on 56k and high speed. Is there another way I can do this or anything I could try?

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    in case you are talking about mysql or postgres, the database backup is a text file. You can split it with the editor


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    Yeah im using MySQL. I have edited it in notepad but the one that is giving me problems is one table that is 1.4mb. Is it possible to divided that up also? If you have the time and could look at it to see if you can come up with anything else. http://files.tesljobs.com/tesljobs_articles.txt

    Thanks a lot for the help!


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