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Thread: Is it possible to get work over the net?

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    Read my story, please....

    I am citizen of Czech Republic and I live there. I do webdesign and web application programming for several years and it is not bad except for one thing - it is little boring. I have two kinds of clients - big, usually foreign company, which pays well, supplies me with regular work, but this work is not creative at all – they have their long established company layouts, so all I have to do is to adjust them little bit for new content, function etc. On the other hand there are small, local companies, which are grateful for everything I create for them, but gratefulness is often the only thing they can offer for my work – their budget is limited. Another problem is, that most users in our country are connected via low bandwidth dial-up, so I must count bytes very carefully.
    So, since I would like to try something more challenging, I thought that maybe it would be possible to get some work over the Internet. But is it possible? That’s what I have absolutely no idea. If it is possible, how to find such work? How you get paid for it?
    Is there anybody who can answer my questions?

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    Hi so what your asking is if there is a way to get work over the net? I would look into registering as a freelance web designer somewhere


    *Goes insearch of an better answer to our friend's question*

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    it's possible, but difficult without good connections. You might want to look at http://www.guru.com they have resources for freelancers and last I checked were pretty international. Guru lets employers bid on freelancers, so it can be pretty stiff competition.

    this kind of thing used to be so much easier three or four years ago... sigh....

    Just remember not to burn any bridges while you're doing this. Keep your current contacts in your back pocket for a rainy day if your online bids don't work out.
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    Thank you both for your answer! I will try this "guru" link. Anyone knows more links, where freelancer can register? Also - is there anybody who works this way or used to?

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    Check out eLance.com. They charge you and have a tendicy to lead to lower bidding from hungry designers, but they are starting to help in that front as well (higher min bid requriments...). They deal with a lot of us jobs and international bidders... chneck it out.
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    Try searching on www.google.com for "Carich" They are a multimedia web design firm in New Zealand. ATM their looking for someone with your skills. Give it a go.

    Btw they did a Educational CD for the New Zealand Goverment about Maori culture and each member of the team (There where 6 of them) got 200,000.

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