I am citizen of Czech Republic and I live there. I do webdesign and web application programming for several years and it is not bad except for one thing - it is little boring. I have two kinds of clients - big, usually foreign company, which pays well, supplies me with regular work, but this work is not creative at all – they have their long established company layouts, so all I have to do is to adjust them little bit for new content, function etc. On the other hand there are small, local companies, which are grateful for everything I create for them, but gratefulness is often the only thing they can offer for my work – their budget is limited. Another problem is, that most users in our country are connected via low bandwidth dial-up, so I must count bytes very carefully.
So, since I would like to try something more challenging, I thought that maybe it would be possible to get some work over the Internet. But is it possible? That’s what I have absolutely no idea. If it is possible, how to find such work? How you get paid for it?
Is there anybody who can answer my questions?