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Thread: browser compatibilty

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    Can anyone tell me why im having the followong problem:
    It seems whenever i embedd any flash content into a web page
    using dreamweaver... I can't open them up in explorer only netscape? this is on the locla drive not even uploaded?

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    Embed and Object

    In order to get a flash movie to show up both in Internet Explorer and in Netscape, you have to use both the embed and object tags...one takes one and the other takes the other (it's been a long day, I don't remember which is which)...now, how you do that in Dreamweaver, I'm not sure...don't use it...but hopefully that gives you a clue...

    Good Luck!

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    Object for IE and Embedd in Netscape I believe.

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    In Dreamweaver go to <edit> <preferences> <preview in browser> select IE as your primary browser. When working on your page hit F12 to view in browser. This should now load in IE. The Embed & Object tags are put in automatically for you in Dreamweaver.

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