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Thread: communication has broken between swfs when frames present HelpME

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    communication has broken between swfs when frames present HelpME

    Hi all

    First take a look at Java Script Code

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript>

    <!-- hide Scripting

    function callingLabel() {<!-- make circle MC visibility to false in topper SWF -->



    function move1() {

    var s = Menu.GetVariable("_root.submenu.found");

    if (s == 'true'){






    This script works fine on one page that hold 2 swf file

    But when I make a frames top & menu & content

    Recording to that i put each swf in its right place

    The communication has broken between them

    Now the question is

    Where is the right place to post my JS Scripting

    that communicate between them again

    do I have to modify the path ?

    please help me I am really in serious problem

    bye All

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    That's very easy to do...

    However, i don't have time to write you the full code... check 'Flash vs JS' part of:
    (or http://board.flashkit.com/board/show...hreadid=326781 )... You have plenty of info there... however, most of those links are on WH, which currently have some problems with DB, so you'll be able to access them when WH is up again...

    hope it helps...

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