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Thread: 1st time database user..or something..

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    1st time database user..or something..


    I am looking to start learning basics with databases. The web space I have comes with 1. SO I feel I shoudl start to take advantage of it as I DO pay for it. But I know 0% about them.

    What should be the first step (very beginner) to utilize this database? A mailling list? maybe keep a record of the "submissions" created by the form on my site?

    I know next to nill abotu PHP as well...so if there is a simple script one can post for me to look at and break it down...then maybe improvise after I understand it.

    This is the code I have on my submit button:
    on (release) {
    loadVariablesNum ("mail.php", 0, "POST");

    This is my PHP mailer I wrote. (Dont laugh)

    $Subject = "Form Inquiry";
    $MailTo = "whispers007@hotmail.com";
    $Body = "From: $name\nE-mail: $MailFrom\n\nQuestions/Comments: $message\n";
    $From = "From: DreamMedia_Support <$MailFrom>";

    mail($MailTo, "$Subject", "$Body", "$From");

    How would I go about setting up my database....and then having these (or any) variables stored in it....and...how do I retrieve them as well??

    any advice is appreciated.


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    Well, you just have to start in one end and start to learn
    Let's see what sites I can recommend:
    4 chapters of PHP & MySQL book
    Create a news system w/text files.
    Devshed : PHP
    Devshed : MySQL

    Have a look at those; devshed has some good articles, and the 4 chapters of the book on PHP & MySQL should be a good start for you!

    Try them out and see if you can figure the DB interaction out: if not: come back with the code and let's have a look !

    Good luck!
    NuCleuZ :: PHPVolcano :: Blog

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