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Thread: Small Text is Blurry

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    Small Text is Blurry

    before I begin, please don't give me links to free fonts - I know what font I want to use and I am using it.

    This is my problem - how do I turn off anti-aliasing on small text only - I know I can publish the entire movie at low quality to get over the anti-aliasing problem, but that's not what I want.

    Can anyone help?!


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    Are you using a pixel font or a non pixel font.
    There is a big difference.

    Also read the following thread it may be of service to you.
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    To turn antialias off, you must publish at lwo quality.

    If you're using a system font, you can 'safely' have your text as dynamic text (no embedding). This will keep it crisp and it will look more or less the same across different OS.

    To get crisp text at high quality, you need pixel fonts. These will remain crisp as static or dynamic text and can be safely embeded without blurring.

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