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Thread: right clicking in .swf...

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    right clicking in .swf...

    hey all...

    i'm sure this is not a hard problem to solve, but for the life of me, i can not figure this out...i have seen some flash sites when you right click anywhere in the movie the only option window that appears is 'settings', and 'about macromedia flash', how do i set my (MX).swf's without the 'zoom, quality, print, etc...'? does this make any sense? any help would greatly be appreciated....thanks!

    2advanced is an example of what i'm trying to do..


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    well when your root movie contains more than one frame, your going to get forward, back, play options in the right click. This is the only time content will influence the right click menu.

    In other cases,
    If you set your menu to false, then all the user will get is settings and about.

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    you rock! that was it! problem solved!....thanks!!

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    the command you want to use (stick it in the first frame of your swf) is the fscommand. the code should look like this:

    fscommand ("showmenu", "false");

    if you're viewing the swf on an html page and you don't want the menu to show, make sure you change your publish settings to "Flash with FS Command" (on the HTML tab).

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