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Thread: How to Change a BitMap image into Vector graphics?

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    How to Change a BitMap image into Vector graphics?

    Dear All,

    I really like Vector graphics which can let me print a high solution image.
    I know flash can convert bitmap into vector. I am wondering in Illustrator have this function or not? if they dont have that function..then i need to outline the whole photo by myself. it takes me lot of time.

    So any designer...all friends....plesase tell me if you know how.

    Thank you!

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    Hi there is a program from adobe called streamline which will convert the image to vector, u need to mess about with the settings a bit to get the best result

    hope this helps

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    yeah it's possible, but dont use it that much. in the tool bar there's a button called blend and in the same button if you leave the button mouse down awhile, it will appear the auto-trace tool.click on the image and you should get a path pretty much like a magic wand selection. not very practic, but I'm sure there's other ways. I use to use the same feature in freehand: same identical tool (auto-raster or auto trace) and drag a selection of the part i want to get the raster/trace. I also use many times PS to achive simple effects but with great results.

    you can see what this gives you here

    first i desaturate an image, do some brightness/contrast and make a selection (either using colour select or magic wand tool). in the paths palette, i click the selection to path button and voilá!

    But I can yet tell you that best trace/raster will be achieved manually.

    I've been eager to try Adobe Streamline, but didnt had the chance yet.
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    Thanks for all of your comment...but I share my way to do this

    First..I import the Jpeg image into Flash(flash work well with jpeg only) then I using "trace bitmap" set the variables (smooth, 1 pixel, many corner)... then after take looonnnnggg time render. it converted.
    and I get a vector grahpic. I use arrow tool to select the white spaces and delete. then export to illustrator. It looks great in color(bright and shape color)..inside Flash...but i dont know why when i open the file in illustrator...it get very dull color. Anyone can help me in this?

    Flash...provide an RGB color... and Illustrator... asked me to select the color profile when i open the file. no matter which color setting i choose..I get a very dull color.

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    best program ive seen to do this is xara ... pretty inexpensive, and very high quality traces... ask aversion... he'd probably agree...

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