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Thread: Are you a SPAMMER?

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    Are you a SPAMMER?

    spam n.
    Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.

    There are genuine Internet Marketers, then there are the notorious Mail SPAMMERS, and the line between the two is very fine. What makes the difference in whether you are a real marketer or a SPAMster is whether your recipients chose to receive your correspondence or not. SPAMming means sending emails to people who have not authorized you to contact them. If they haven't opted in to your mail program, or specifically requested mail from companies like yours, you are a SPAMmer. Legitimate Internet email marketers will only send mail to individuals who have opted-in. Let's all say that together, class... "opted-in".

    Most ISPs have a strict no-SPAM policy, and give zero tolerance to those who break the rules. SPAMming has many downfalls for everyone involved such as increased bandwidth, server load, time-waste, frustration, etc.

    Recently, all Yahoo Stores were blocked by an anti-spam company because one rogue store owner decided a SPAM mail campaign might increase his business flow. The anti-SPAM group added the IP number to its list of abusers, and every Yahoo store owner was affected. The same thing happens with you. If your ISP's IP is added to an anti-SPAM group's list because of your SPAM-mail, the entire customer base of your ISP is potentially affected... this means immediate termination of service for you when they track you down in their mail-server logs! Ouch!

    How can you avoid being a SPAM-meister? First of all, consider the source of the mailing list you are wanting to contact. If you don't know how the list was generated, chances are they haven't opted in to your program, and you will be considered a SPAMmer. If you have "harvested" the list from the net without the user's permission, you are a SPAMmer. If you have a program that randomly generates email addresses to mail to, you are a SPAMmer.
    If the list you have was generated by people signing up from your site, then feel free to mail them. They have agreed to receive correspondence from you. Otherwise, slowly move your mouse away from the "send" button, and think of a more ethical approach to reaching potential customers.

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