Hi there,

I know there's a wealth of information about loading variables on Flashkit, but I'm still stumped here. Ok from the top :

I'm using Flash 5. I'm loading some variables from a text file into the root of my movie. The user then fills out a form which processes the external variables, hence creating a new set. There is also a separate one-field form on the same page, which the user may fill in if he wishes to email the results to himself, with a button to send to an external ASP file.

The problem lies here - I want the email form to be a separate movie clip, as it behaves on a different timeline from the initial form. However, I'm having a nightmare trying to pass the processed variables into this Movie Clip. I could, of course, adapt the root timeline and have all operations at the root; but that's wimping out. And, of course, you never learn anything unless you persevere.

And I imagine the answer is simple, and I'll take no pleasure in kicking myself when it is presented. Oh well.

Love Osca xxx