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Thread: Duplicating and Control

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    Duplicating and Control

    Alright... I have been messing with Actionscipt for awhile now.... I have a pretty firm grasp on alot of it but one thing... Duplicating MC and controlling each individual MC. Anyhelp on elaberating on the subject a bit for me would be greatly appreciated

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    i prefer 2 use attachmovie and put a controller clip inside the movie

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    In Flash, press F1 and search for duplicateMovieClip

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    I know how to duplicate a MC... thats the easy part. The problem I have though is taking a individual MC and having it do something diffrent. like this is an old question of mine I still can get to work for some stupid reason... in a game I was working on long ago, I have enemy ships fly by and they are supposed to shoot. It got to where the main MC would shoot but none of the duplicated one would, and eventually all the duplictate ships would dissapear.
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    your best bet might be to sit down with a good flash book - or maybe a well documented .fla - I'm sure there must be one on duplicating movieclips. Thats the only way I could get it straight in my head

    your problem might lie in not getting your levels sorted or removing the movieclip that you are duplicating off - a simple way around that is to have

    if (String(_name) != "movieclipname") {

    before your code in the movieclip to make sure you don't delete the original.

    'flash games studio' by friends of ed has some good explanations for duplicating and making the duplicates act by themselves

    http://www.happylander.com/games/earth - my OTT duplicate game test, never finished it *sigh*

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