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Thread: photoshop crop tool

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    photoshop crop tool

    Hi Everyone.

    I am experiencing two glitches with Photoshop 7.

    1. My crop tool keeps expanding in a perfect square as if I was holding down the shift key. I can't get it to expand down. This did work properly at one time, but now it is acting up.

    2. When I resize an image and view actual pixels, it may be 2" x 2" but it still looks HUGE.

    Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi i would reinstall it or get in contact with adobe technical support, may be its a known fault, mb there is a patch for it

    what system are u running ?

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    i'm sure you know this but when using the CROP tool, if there are values entered in both the "width" and "height" fields of the crop properties area, dragging the tool will always scale to those proportions...as if you're pressing the shift key.

    also, if the image size has a dpi of anything more than 72, viewing the image as "actual pixels" will appear larger than expected. this is because your monitor displays 72 dpi.

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