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Thread: !!!! New Flash Beta Player!!!

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    This quote is from MM previous beta release notes. Apparently the problem was fixed before the current beta.

    "Also Addressed in Windows and Macintosh build 6,0,60,48:

    * Windows Standalone Flash Player only:
    * In some cases (and especially from CD-ROM), the playback of movies in the Standalone player would slow down severely, stutter sound, or stop after many minutes. This has been fixed. "

    They are still asking developers to submit bugs though, so if you still have the problem, submit it before they let the new release version loose. Should be quite soon.
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    FYI: Watch for more new info about Flash Player releases at these useful MM blogs:



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    i do continue to have issues with projectors created from the most current beta for OSX(6,0,67,0) such as stopping, stuttering and crashing. This happens after a large amount of swf files containing video are replayed (unloaded and loaded) from a projector, on a cd-rom, in win2k, dual p3 450, 756 ram.

    I was thinking it was becasue I was consecutively preloading many short swf files all at the beginning (30 swfs, average 3 megs each). However I am now testing an old project I did 3 months ago which loads in one 75 meg swf -- if I cause the stand-alone flash player to unload and then reload the same external video swf into the same location again), it will ineveitably crash, usually after 6-12 reloads.

    But it is still worse when jumping back and forth between the preloaded files (using ff and rewind buttons which call loadMovie actions) . It will have playback problems and crash, sometimes even right from the beginning, but always after reloading the whole thing a few times.

    Its a lot of video to preload,maybe the problem is related to the number of megabytes preloaded. Though the PC I am using has a fair amount of RAM.

    I cant make this problem happen on OS 9 or OS X. I havent tried yet on other windows versons.

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    Sounds like your problem could be with the amount of MBs. Not sure, haven't check or tested, but I don't think MM recommends loading that much into the Flash Player at a time. I think that anything over about 25MB is pushing it. I don't think there's a definite limit, but 90MB is a hell of a lot.

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    just tried limiting it to load ten 2.5 megs files from the cd-rom. still crashes after a bit.

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    Has anyone actually graphed their ram consumption. When we developed the solution for SV we were measuring about 100MB of ram consumed to play a 3MB video clip. It wouldnt suprise me if this is still a problem

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    Ram expansion is not an issue with MX video. With MX video the ram consumption directly correlates to the size of the SWF file.


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    New standalone release version!

    New release version now available

    Get it here!


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    So guess what,

    I've updated with the new authoring players and published and burned my current project to CD with the new mac and windows standalones.

    This morning I was testing the project on a few different computers, and on one machine when some external swfs were loading they froze repeatedly. I republished and burned again to be sure, and the same thing happened on the same machine only.

    Surprise, surprise, the problem has only appeared so far on the machine running Windows 2000 Pro. On a Mac it's fine, on Win 98 (even running a Pentium 2) and Windows NT it's fine so far.

    Admittedly, I'm loading and playing 2 swfs containing video at the same time (2.1MB and 1.9MB), to simulate two synced screens showing a video conference (two people in conversation). Probably not recommended, not sure, but I thought it would be ok as the files aren't really that large (4MB being loaded at one time).

    Even with previous players I wasn't able to repeat this problem so consisently with the same files (all the video swfs in the projects were freezing 1 out of 10 times on Windows 2000 Pro only when loaded from CD), and it now not only happens when the swfs are loading off CD, it now happens off the hard drive as well!

    As the previous standalone seems to be working better, I'm going to use that at this stage. Anyone else had any further problems like this using the new standalone, or do you think it's just the way I'm loading the files at the same time and playing them together? Strange that it only happens on Win 2000 Pro though.

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    Maybe you should test on another W2K machine and see if it still occurs. Might be a problem elsewhere.

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    Yeah, I thought that would be a good idea too.

    It also happened on another Win 2000 Pro machine, including when the files were loaded off the hard drive, exactly the same problem. On both machines it seems to play ok once or even twice but freezes on the second or third try.

    I also tested it on another (slow) NT machine and it was fine, no problem.

    it's only when the 2 files are loaded and played together (2 video clips on the stage and playing at the same time). Strange that's it only seems to be a problem on Win Pro 2000 though.

    I guess I could load the 2 files one after the other and then try to play them both at the same time, instead of loading them together and see if that helps at all. I know it's probably pushing it to try and play two different video clips at the same time, but my client insisted on it, and as I said it's only 4MB total.

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    Ok, at the moment my problem seems to be mostly fixed by using a suggested work-around of loading the files separately and then playing them together (although I need to test on more machines and tweeck the scripting a bit more before I celebrate). I've only managed to get the 2 synced video swfs to freeze once on numerous tests so far though.

    Firstly, I compressed each of the 2 videos more (using Squeeze), now the 2 swfs are about 2MB total instead of 4MB. Then I set up the 2 swfs to load one at a time into the player, placing the mcs that the swfs are being loaded into, off stage and stopped on frame 1 until the user presses the button to view the 2 videos. Then the mcs are both moved into the correct positon on stage at the same time, to start playing at the same time.

    This seems to be working ok, indicating that the problem was definitely with the loading of the 2 swfs (2MB each) into the player at the same time (in the standalone r65 player on Win2K only, but not it seems in r50). Interesting...

    I'm hoping that after more testing on more machines, this set-up holds up, Christmas Eve dealine and all...
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