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Thread: Image Size - pixels

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    Image Size - pixels

    I've been playing around in Plasma for awhile now and I've created some pretty cool designs but I'm still unsure of one thing - Is there a way to view an image's size in pixels from within Plasma? For example, I want to create a button that is 150x30 pixels for a website. When I create that image in Plasma it's always bigger than that and I have to use Photoshop to resize the image, sometimes resulting in the loss of quality. Is there another way to do this or do I have to use an image editing program?

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    i don't have a direct answer, but you might be able to zoom away from it in plasma and quick render it until it looks about the size you want, and also if you wanna do alot of testing you can alter the render window down to 150x30 then try and exact the image with the render window..
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    I made this:

    exactly 150 x 30

    using this:

    ignore the numbers, I switched them to the correct numbers after I realized my goof up...

    it's possible. I just did not maximize the view on my object in the render windows... just playing around will do that, but it's very possible.

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