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Thread: newbie animation

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    newbie animation

    I'm really new to Swift (I just loaded the software about an hour ago) and I'm curious if it's possible to rotate a phrase around a sphere -- kinda like the Universal Studios logo. Couldn't seem to find any tutes related to this...any help would be appreciated!


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    create text, then pull the sphere onto the stage, select the text, break it apart, then put the individual letters around the sphere to make it look like its bent around the sphere, delete the sphere, go to edit>>select all, then group them, then put another sphere on the stage where the last one was, then move the pivot point for the text to where the center of the circle is, then animate

    pivot point can be changed by selecting the pivot point move option on the left side of the screen under the objects properties
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    read the manual that comes with swift... it's not too long... 100 or so pages... it helped me a huge deal

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    Vatcher --
    thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion, the only problem is the letters that were bent to look like they were curved around the sphere, keep that bent look - they don't change when they come around the towards the front of the sphere. any other suggestions?

    thanks much.

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