Hey, thanx for suggestion alotan but i looked n found a couple tutorials that were close but still didnt know n enough to write my code.

Concrete surfer thanx a lot for ur offer!! im not gonna bug u personally about it quite yet - il give it another few days, but if i fail il take u up on it if u dont mind.

By the way my menu buttons are jus plain text and not in any boxes and when i said about bouncing - wat i want is for the submenu to slide down from behind the main button while goin from transparent to white as it slides down.

As it is now now ive made all the buttons and placed them into a movie clip n used the _visible script to hide the sub menu and make it appear on a rollover of the main button. I still havent even worked out how il get the submenu to close when another options is selected so ive moved onto tryin to create a script so that i can do transparency effect eg transparency from 0 - 100 as the sub menu slides down.

Thanx a lot for ur help again. hopefully u wont have to hear from me again!! haha