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Thread: Collision testing help please!

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    Collision testing help please!

    OK, im really annoyed at this so Im posting for help. I have an assignment, create a movie clip cursor that will use the hit function when it runs over another movieclip. I have my movieclips, "cursordrag" and "Alpha". According to the code Ive read in all the posts about hittest, this should work:

    if (hitTest(this,_root.Alpha)) {  _root.gotoAndPlay (55); }
    where 'this' is the MC taking place of my mouse, Alpha is a stationary rectangle MC on the same layer as 'this'. Frame 55 is a sound clip on another layer.

    The MC in place of the mouse works. However, no matter how much I move my mouse over Alpha, nothing happens.

    Please help!

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    Attach this as a clip event to your mc that is replacing the mouse pointer

    onClipEvent(mouseMove) {
    if (!playingClip) { // prevent the gotoAndPlay action running continuously
    if (this.hitTest(_root.Alpha)) {
    playingClip = true;

    Then at some point later you may want to reset the variable playingClip back to false to allow the rollover to work again.

    _root.instanceNameOfDraggedClip.playingClip = false;

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