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Thread: Why do one man shows always claim to be more.

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    I agree witha lot of whta is being said here, however a lot of deseigners don't outsource work and still claim to be a company with "experts" in various facets of the trade.

    what if you further break it down, do you say:

    Our PHP expert or experts ?

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    What a conundrum! I face(d) this when I set my site up originally. I started off with 'we' on the site because I thought it sounded more 'professional'. Then I stopped and thought "the idea of the site is to promote me and my skills, to make me look like I could be a desirable member of a team"...
    So I changed to "I". I think it 'feels' better... and at the end of the day what you put on your site you have to be happy with yourself.

    I work in collectives of web des/dev people, so it's probably easier to go "i" in my case. Also a team director would most likely be looking to hire "I"s rather than "we"s ...


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    what i can find even more challenging is positioning my site to appeal to shops looking for freelance work while not turning away potential full-time employment opportunities. that's pretty much the reason why i will use *we* to represent some of the work in my portfolio and my network of developers with whom i can subcontract, while still emphasizing the majority of the work (and the web site) is work accomplished by me, and not others.

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    I started off as a one-man show, like others in this thread. Its kind of hard to hide that fact when your company name is simply "Scottmanning.com". I avoided the approach of coming up with some random company name like "Dexel375 Designs" simply because I wanted to keep an honest approach with my work. I used "I" for months. But once I started contracting work out, I used "we".

    Now, the company is more than just me, but its still called "Scottmanning.com". That's okay because there are plenty of companies named after people (Ford, McDonald's, etc.).

    I think if you're just honest about who you are, then you'll be fine. If you will mislead or lie to a client so they belive you are a 50-man company, what else will you lie (mislead) about to a client? Its just too tempting to keep lying once you've started.

    Also, I have had clients tell me that what attracted them to me was the fact that I was a "real" person on my website.

    Anyway, that's my 57 cents.

    Good thread.


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