I have a client who is getting their 11 minute video digitized. Then, they are sending it to me so I can break it into smaller clips and save them out as Flash MX, Real and Windows Media for posting on their web site (and possibly onto a CD at a future date).

I am using Sorenson Squeeze for the Flash MX version of the video and Cleaner 5 for the Real and Windows Media versions.

The company doing the digitization will be taking the Beta master tape and convert it using an Avid deck. They will then output the digitized video from Cleaner 5 in a size and format I specify. Trouble is, I'm not sure what to ask for!!

1) What format should I request?
One company I talked to suggested MPEG-1 and another suggested Quicktime. What format would be best for me to start with?

2) What size should I request?
As I understand it standard NTSC MPEG-1 is 352x240 pixels but the pixels are not square and this could cause issues when outputting to Windows Media format since it plays as if they were square. If I request 320x240 instead will this resolve the problem by making the pixels square? 320x240 would be a fine size for our web use.

Would it be possible to get the video at 640x480 in MPEG-1? This would be good if we decide to also create a CD using the video. Or, would this create a HUGE file that would be overwhelming to work with?

3) Are there any specific Cleaner settings I should request? Are there compression settings that should be left turned off (since I will certainly be compressing the file again later when I output it to other formats)?

4) Any idea what size an 11 minute MPEG-1 320x240 digitized video would be?

Thanks in advance if anyone can provide any advice on all this!