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Thread: Blurred pixel fonts - ARGHHHHHH

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    A Clever Cherrry Indeed
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    Blurred pixel fonts - ARGHHHHHH

    I am using kroeger 05_56 in a movie (flash MX)(point size 8)

    All the text is on whole pixels on the main stage (not even in a movie) and when i preview it in the player it is fine, when i ctrl F12 and preview it in a browser it is fine

    However i have a blank HTML page (index.htm) with the movie inside a table 100% x 100% (no borders or padding) and when i preview it in that the text is blurred ?????????????

    I dont understand as it works fine in the F12 preview. I have checked that the index page doesnt resize the movie, any ideas ????

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    It sounds as if your movie is being resized in the html page. It needs to keep the exact dimensions it had when you made it or the pixel fonts will blur.



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    A Clever Cherrry Indeed
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    Jul 2001
    you sir are a genius !!!

    i said in the post that i thought i had checked the size to ensure it wasnt re-sized, so when i re-checked after reading your post, guess what - it was 10 pixels thinner - LOL

    thanks dude


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