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Thread: New site

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    New site

    Hello all,

    I've just launched a new site, and in my internal testing, everything appeared to be ok.

    However, I am getting one or two reports of it not working as it should (for example - text is way too small, images don't appear etc).

    If anybody could have a look and let me know if all is/isn't well I would be grateful.

    The link is www.sportscarracer.com (Thanks!)


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    Here I am.
    where is it?
    maybe one day i will finish my page
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    Nice site! I like the logo very much.

    Images apperared properly on this end. Text is small, I like small, but I know people tend to complain about that. Lighter text on a dark background can make it more difficult for people to read, especially older folks.

    I checked with 56k modem, PC ie 6.0, 1280x1024


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    it looks really good... i love the logo... one suggestion... try to change up the flash pictures so they don't all change at the same time and then turn into the complete picture... then have them randomly start changing at different times into a complete pic and so on... i hope that makes sense to you... i guess it's kind of hard to explain

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    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    The text was apparently way too small for people viewing on Macs (I was using point instead of pixels) so I've changed the text to pixels.

    abumslife, I know exactly what you mean! Thanks for the idea. It's all just an animated .gif, so the reason the way it is now is to minimise the loading time - other wise the .gif would be far too large. I'm straying away from flash for this site at the moment - too many people in offices simply don't have the plug-in (although I might make a flash version to give people the choice...)

    Thanks again.


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