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Thread: Critique my site?

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    Critique my site?

    Hi - I am pretty new to website design, but I was curious if anyone would want to critique what I have done so far for my band's website.

    I just posted the first version last night. it's not getting many hits yet, as we are just starting up as a band, so I have no problem with unfinished pages right now.

    I am looking for any constructive criticism you might have. Things I'd like you to pay attention to:

    - loading time
    - site layout
    - design ideas
    - alternate ideas for boring pages?



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    design ideas:

    when the page loads on my machine- I'm running 1028 by 764- I have to scroll down. maybe shrink the graphic *a liiiittle* so you can move some text up at the bottom. Not sure why it is scrolling, there's just blue space at the bottom? May want to check that out.

    that opening page is great though- if someone is familiar with the band, they may not want to go into the regular site. Keeping showdates on the front page is a ery good idea!!!

    loaded fast!

    like the opening page- nice colors!!!

    The band outline/rollover thing is cool, I did something similar on www.jacksmission.com in the band section! that's COOL that you did it too! hehe.

    Over all I say it's great for the people (are you one of them?) the target audience etc.

    Nice work!
    maybe one day i will finish my page
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    Very nice site you have.

    Layout is fine, navigation is straightforward. I like the subtle animation technique you used throughout.

    200 kb is a little big, but not too bad at all.

    I really have no problems with anything I found on the site, barring that 800 X 600 users will have to scroll alot.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with your band!

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    A pretty good site in general.

    Loading time could improve in the beginning. You'll turn people away if you don't trim it.

    Layout is very nice. I like the first menu with the outlined band members and the lit up effect as one mouses over links... but this is only encountered once! I don't understand why then you completely switched to a menu/ layout of a different look. It seems like the wait in the beginning was such a waste, though the second menu looks nice as well (and perhaps you do it because it includes html). I feel sorry for the poor drum player who is so dwarfed in your first menu. Maybe play around with this composition a bit?

    Same comment as others about scrolling. Either shrink/ compact the text a little or set the window size bigger.


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