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Thread: need a site check for migy version2

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    need a site check for migy version2


    i have re-designed www.migy.com

    added a few new features and some new work.. more in the next week or so.

    if you have any problems please let me know



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    proud new daddy! LuxFX's Avatar
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    May 2000
    great looking site, and excellent work!

    I particularly liked the work scenes. It is so refreshing to see somebody else with an apprectiation for subtleties
    For War's a banker, flesh his gold. There by the furnace of Troy's field, Where thrust meets thrust, he sits to hold His scale, and watch the spear-point sway; And back to waiting homes he sends Slag from the ore, a little dust To drain hot tears from hearts of friends

    - Aeschylus, Agamemnon

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    YH Jelly Llama Jockey defuzz's Avatar
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    May 2001
    very cool, i love your drawing style

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    Junior Member
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    Nov 2001
    I thoroughly enjoyed your website and your work. Keep it up!


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    thanks matey's

    glad you like the site.

    working on some new stuff that i will post up soon


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    nice cartoons, and i'll give you useful feedbacks:

    1. loaded so much just for an image of someone with big head coming.
    2. contact don't seem too apparent.

    maybe some clearer things? otherwise good job.

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    i have managed to get the bighead doctor bloke to be a little less in size so should now load quicker.

    i like big heads

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