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Thread: ??!!!making a radial loading indicator and animation problems!!!??

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    ??!!!making a radial loading indicator and animation problems!!!??

    i have given up on the other preloader flas that i was working on, im starting anew, maybe people will actually help me this time, how do i make the load"bar" reflect the amount loaded , but do it RADIALY, like a circle (or a better way to say it is a PIE) that fills in as the content loads.

    also, another question, when i try to open the page that my flash animation (just the plain old animation, not the preloader, the preloader just f***s up even more than the regular file) is on on my friends computers, it doesnt load, the browser says its loading the page, but you could let it sit there over the weekend and it wont load???!!!!!!!(ive done that, so take it literally) what the F*** is going on, its just a simple little animation with a sound file behind it, it SHOULD NOT take that long for people to dload it, of course i can see it in a decent amount of time on my comp because its cached, but even when i clear my cache, it loads fine on my comp.!!

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    by the way, i am using MX, so flash 5 stuff wont help me too much.

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