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Thread: an aura like in DBZ

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    an aura like in DBZ

    hi all flashers,
    does anybody have an idea or knows, how to make a realistic aura like in Dragonball Z with VECTOR GRAPHICS?
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    Can you give a URL with a photo possessing the type of style you are going for?

    I've watched DBZ, but have no idea what aura your talking about.

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    right behind you....
    I think he means like when the guys charge up, and the glowing energy is around them.

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    Would make a horshoe type of shape around him.
    It should look a bit like a crappy yellow shape around him now.
    Now go to Modify, then to shape, Then to sfoten fill edges.
    And adjust the amount of softening there.
    PS dont soften fill edges on a shape that has soften fill edges used on it allready cause your comp will blow up.
    Im serious it will go boom.
    And you will be known as "the guy who has a chunk of monitor in his head".

    I hope that helped
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