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Thread: xml multiline problem

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    xml multiline problem

    I am trying to send a message to an asp file by creating xml in flashmx , and asp writes it to database...

    The input field is multiline and it writes some intersting characters
    to the message field if the message is more than one lines. The character is something lice a square and it is not recognized by flash or asp so i cannot replace it with <br> or /n. And i dont want to use rich html formatting in my text field because the < > characters of the html gives error in xml and it writes too much data to database.

    I think loadVariables can solve my problem ( i did not try it yet) but is there a way to send it with xml.?

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    If you're getting 'squares' in your text fields in Flash - you've put a character there that Flash doesn't recognize. The easiest way to do that is to paste something in that isn't 'normal' text.

    If you are only entering alphanumeric characters into a multiline dynamic text field, you won't get any 'squares'.
    Richard Lyman
    rich at lithinos.com

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