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Thread: My first attempt (a huge one) :))

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    My first attempt (a huge one) :))

    Please have a look at www.guykokken.tk
    And give some comment. Thanx.
    Greetz from little Belgium. zob.

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    well since nobody took the time to answer you question i want to do it, i know how irratating it is when nobody gives a comment.

    well: i realy dont like sites that are so big its to big,i presonaly like the site its different then evrything i have ever seen so that is a extra +++ , i realy dont know what you can make better maybe change the buttons but more then that i realy have no idea.

    Nice man..

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    I think a big reason why you're not getting replies to this is the file size. Most people are not going to wait for that kind of loading time, so my best suggestion apart from anything aesthetic is to compress it down. A lot. If you can't compress the images any further, then another solution is needed...perhaps break the pages into separate files that preload onclick or something.

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    as JEAY said it is different and that is a very good thing seen as most modern flash sites look exactly the same.
    you could do with a preloader in there that shows how long you have left as the current "loading" thing is just boring.
    you should also try and cut down on the filesize. other than that its a classy site
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