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Thread: chew it up and spit it out

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    chew it up and spit it out


    my issues.

    1. Is it inconsistent to have different themes for every page such as animation on one or pictures on another?

    2. Should the squares be blue instead of white.

    3. is the pop sound out of place on the rollovers?


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    hey! good work! originality at last. as for your concerns...

    no, it doesn't look inconsistent, because the images have a certain link between them, and because it adds dynamism to the site.
    the color layout is ok. perhaps have one more of the squares blue, but don't remove the white. it's a good contrast, while having a lot of blue.. well it would be another 'blue site'
    the sound is perfect. i love those clear subtle fx.

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    it all seems just about perfect... the only gripe i have is the main navigation...

    it just seems... blah.

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    I really like this site -- it shows terrific balance of design. As to your concerns:

    I didn't find it at all inconsistent, it all fits together very well. Having new pictures come up on each page is good because it keeps people guessing and gives them a reason to play around an explore the site. Yet they're all related by way of the concept of understated communication. The only exception is services.

    I thought your color balance worked out very well -- no need to add more color, and beside I like the diagonal across the screen. An advantage to that you might not have thought of yet, you're site has a branding advantage in a thumbnail state. If you are ever listed anywhere as a thumbnail, your design has a very recognizable overall pattern that is very easy to distinguish no matter the size of the screenshot.

    The pop is great, I'm so glad to hear somebody using nice and subdued sound effects. Balance is essential to create the proper mood for a site, and you've struck that well. Particularly nice is the combination of the pop and the elastic effect of the rollover items. Only word of advice is to perhaps add a mute button to allow people to turn off the sound.

    Outside of those issues I only had one very small suggestion. I found the menu slightly awkward, because it's probably the first one I've ever seen where "home" was on the bottom!! This can really confuse people, who always look to the top-left for this button.

    Good job, and good luck!
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    To answer your concerns:

    1) No, but I agree with the previous comment about services.

    2) The blue and white plays nice balance to each other.

    3) Pop sound sounds just fine in this end.

    To express my opinions:

    1) Your "grid" lacks dynamics. There are only two boxes with changing contents (the middle and upper right), which make the other contents of the site unnoticeable. I also think the grid pattern itself could improve to entice the visitor's eyes to skip from one box to another. For instance, the span of the upper right box helps the eye to bridge the three boxes adjacent to it ( clear???).

    2) I like how in "Branding" the images are placed in from outside the limit of the box. Similar approach could certainly be used in other boxes just to add interest.

    3) Navigation box could look better.

    4) The elastic effect is cute.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it!

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