I've made a flash navigation for my html page.
This navigation movie has several buttons with rollOver and rollOut effects. It all works fine when the users mouse ponter moves from within the flash movie.

The problem is, when a user moves the mouse pointer off the flash movie. If the pointer is moved from the button too fast, the flash wont trigger the on rollOut event.

So basically What I would like to do:
on(rollOn) a button: plays FRAME 1;
on(rollOut): plays FRAME 10;

So To avoid the problem of not triggering the onRollOut event I came up with a solution.
I made an empty mc called "mymc". On the 20th frame I put some AS. the actionscript should look like this:
(mouse is off movie) _root.gotoAndPlay(1);
(mouse is on button): gotoAndPlay(1); //replays this movie

And on my button i would put
on(rollOver): mymc.play(1);

This means that when I go over a button my usual effects are triggered and also mymc starts playing. Whe getting to the 20th frame it should check if the mouse is stil on my button then restarts mymc else, trigger on(rollOver) effect wich is on frame 10;

Everything would work fine if I could determine whether mouse is on the movie or is over (we are talking of _root movie - navigation).

How can I solve my problem??

p.s. I hope I explainded myself clearly. I know my english sux