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Thread: Just wanting some feedback...

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    Just wanting some feedback...

    Hi everyone, I am just about through designing my site. I was hoping to get some feedback(good or bad). Thank you for your time....


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    Original Design

    Very original design concept...I like it.
    The only suggestion I have is that maybe the links can have descriptions before mousing over them.
    One thing with the drag and drop links, the 'MISC' did not work.
    Everything else worked like a charm.
    I like the BG picture, too (maybe you could throw a different one for each page?).
    My humble opinion...hope it's not overdone.
    Good job!
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    I like your site very much. Great layout and the background image adds a certain "cutting edge" look. The interactivity in portfolio section took a couple seconds to figure out, but I like the concept. Perhaps you may want to do a simple, one time, quick animation on the bull's eye target (flashing it is an option)... just to invite the eye enough all the way to the corner. I like the way you use the orange bar in the menu to point where one is within the site... very clear yet quite attractive.

    A small suggestion maybe to pop your larger portfolio images into a toolbar-less and smaller window. This, I think, is just a cleaner way of presenting your work into the ugly browser windows we've all become too accustomed to.

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    Thank you for the comments, nuansa I think that is a very good idea for the toolbar-less windows. I will start working on that tonight.

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    Nice site

    all clean and easy to use - good for a portfolio

    I agree with the other replies on the portfolio section - perhaps a quick animation of what the user should do with the target etc. ie show the mouse going up and grabbing the circles then dragging them over etc - could be good!

    nice work well done
    could u take a look at my post

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    Thanks glasjazz, I have heard that same comment too many times to ignore. I will design an animation for the portfolio section. Thanks again.

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    The site is good but you could really do with some more content and space for text, especially on the start up page
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