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Thread: conveying communication in logo

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    conveying communication in logo


    I'll like to get some ideas and suggestions from the design gurus here, how do you normally convey the idea of communication between elements in a logo?

    Thx in advance

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    That's not an easy question to answer because its a really really broad question. Logos are in my opinion, the hardest task for any designer to master. It can take literally months towards a year for an effective logo to develop.

    For me, I take a lot if time identifying what my logo or my clients logo has to represent in comparison to actually creating a sketch of the logo. It's SO important to identify a criteria to follow and research what colors, styles, font, pictorial space, gestalt principles, and tons more would fit within that criteria. I mean, obviously an airplane pointing downward would not be wise for an airline company.

    I think you really just need an idea of where your logo is heading prior to actual creation, because logo design relies both on knowledge and instinct.

    Argh, I'm sorry I didn't really answer your question well, but I hope you got some jest of what I was attempting to say. It's just really hard for me to explain.

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