Hi all.
i was wondering, if there is a way to make an animation interactive in 3dsm. I mean: if i render for example, a big room. Is there any way by rendering / converting to other programs, to make the camera movable by pressing on the arrow keys or something.

in my past, only way i've managed the 3d manipulation is to render all the different animations using Illustrate! and then using the buttons to sequence between them.. but this is tedious, and has a tendency to create a 'one-way page' ... some freedom would be good :|

any ideas? I looked at Discreet's Plasma, but the demo is poor quality, and the rendering systems are terrible IMO.
I have no experience with swift3d, and are not too keen on the idea of re-rendering my Robotics Laboratory :P

Thanks in advance.

ps: what means WIP ??!