I am almost ready to finish this site. most of it works but needs content and a few sections need the rest of the nav. added plus an intro and I will have small animations of the products loading in the white placeholders in each section on enter. This is for a fitness products estore selling prohormones fatloss prod. ect.. I tried to make sure it was easy to understand where you are going but the only thing I wanted to do is add more interactivity for when after you enter each section(prohormones, weightloss, antiageing ect..)Please tell me if you can think of anything good that will still be navagateable by someone that is dumb(most people) just kidding, but may add a little something. The space in each section is limiting for ideas other than fade but that looked cheesy. By the way this is my first flash site! I did one with swish before but i realy don't count that.

thanks for the help