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Thread: Is this possible.....?

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    Is this possible.....?

    Is it possible to pull up an HTML page into Flash? I haven't touched Flash in a while so could someone please help me.

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    Yes only when you are using the HTML 1.0 tags to format the text... More than that(table, frame...), Flash won't understand it...
    Check this technote from the MM...

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    It's either very hard or very easy depending what you want.

    It's easy to open an HTML page into a new browser window from flash Actionscript.

    It's not easy to parse HTML (or a workable subset of HTML) within flash and translate that into displaying the page using Actionscript commands. I'm afraid you have to ignore .gif files too.

    I know how hard it is because I just did it (although things are always a little easier in retrospect) - and it took me days - and I'm not an inexperienced programmer. Actually the hub of the problem is dealing with tables.

    Does anyone know if this program was actually available as open source code - in Java or Javascript say?
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