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Thread: help with cartoon ?

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    help with cartoon ?

    I could use some help in animating a character.
    I made a simple cartoon character in photoshop and left out the mouth. I am wanting to make the characters mouth appear to move as though it were talking, and I was hoping to do this in 3dfa.
    Any suggestions ? Thanks...

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    depending on your cartoon,
    if the cartoon figure is standing still,
    a single cartoon can be used
    while a gif animation can be used for
    the face or mouth.
    a mouse over action could be used
    as a play movie command if there are
    different sound files to be played that must be
    synched with the mouth animation.

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    I wound up doing most of the work in photohouse, re-drawing the character 6 times. Then just doing frame by frame animation from there in 3dfa.
    I just thought there was a better way.
    To make the bitmaps fairly small,I used 256 colors at 70 pixels.
    I still would appreciate any suggestions or hints on this subject.

    Macromedia has 3dfa pretty well beat as far as paint tools go, but at ten times the price, it's amazing that you can even compare the two. I'll stick with 3dfa.
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    ...See ya !

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