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Thread: Help Me!

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    Help Me!

    I need to know how to make two buttons... One that will make my text scroll up and one that will make my text scroll down in my flash movie
    also I need to know how to get some of my other buttons to make my movie change over to another section of the movie.
    An example of what I want to do is at www.5sec.com
    Click on 'Free Version' in the text of the page
    Then click 'I agree' after the new page comes up
    Once you are at the templates page click on '1-8' at the top of the page
    Look for the template that says 'FP005 Download' Below it
    click 'download'
    Once your done downloading unzip it and then locate it
    look for 'index'
    click into that and you will see the example of what im trying to do
    with my text and my buttons

    Thanks Alot!

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    You should be able to find everything you want at http://www.deadyeti.com .............

    Check Bret's department, and into3dfa.


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    Re: Help Me!

    There is an action to Get and one to Set the scroll position of a text area.

    Lets assume you have a text area called um let's see "text".
    For the scroll up in the button up action for your button you can do the following

    See it in action

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