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Thread: Choose which scenes to play without accessing Flash

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    Choose which scenes to play without accessing Flash

    I have a movie consisting of 10 scenes.

    This movie will be presented to different audiences.

    I wish to be able to determine which pages to view before starting the
    presentation without accessing the Flash, just the shockwave.

    Is there a way for met to be able to select which pages to n the presentation?

    So for example I wish to show pages 1,5,7 and 10 to one audience , while to
    a different audience I wish to show 8,9, and 10?

    I do not want to access flash and have to rearrange scenes and export again!

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    store the sequence in a text file:

    page1=scene2&page2=scene10 .........

    load this txt file and code your button to proceed to the next valid scene.

    hope this helps

    NB. i would split the file into seperate swfs and use the loadMovie. Put all the buttons i a control SWF. Then you can add as many "scenes" and modifying anything external the control movie, as it doesnt care what is there, just uses the data stored in the text file.

    Hope this helps

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    Guess it could be done... Like with Flash Methods.


    But you're not out of the woods! It would be something to start the presentation at one given scene and then have it play to the end, but if you're going to have orders like 1,5,7 & 10, then you'll also need to set variables (already included in your Flash movie) differently according to the targeted audience.

    Thus, you would need "if statements" checking variables at the end of each scene, to determine which scene would be played next. So if the audience is "children", you would need something like the following at the end of scene one:

    if (_level0.audience == "children"){
    _level0.gotoAndPlay("frame_label"); // In fact the labeled first frame of scene 5
    } else if...

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    you could just call a function from a base control MC that unloads the current MC/Scene and laods the next i.e.

    //place in last frame of scene/MC

    inyour control;

    function getNext (){
    loadMovie("Page"+inc+".swf, "_level1")

    you could modify getNext to link to forward and back buttons simply by adding properties to the function

    just another way of doing it i guess

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