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Thread: How Do You Make A Transparent Background In Flash?

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    How Do You Make A Transparent Background In Flash?

    How do you make the background transparent, not just white?

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    Backgorund is something you can not get rid off in Flash, except for the fact that you can "merge" the bg colors of the HTML document that hosts the Flash movie...

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    Beauty and transparency in background in flash

    Yes, you can not, as far as I know get rid of the white background. However, that being said, you can do wonderful things with the apparent background.

    1. Lock all your existing layers or start on the first layer of movie.
    2. Label it "background"
    3. Click on your rectangle tool.
    4. Go to the "color Mixer" and choose whatever color or colors you want, if you want a blend this is ok too. (just be sure you do the following to all colors you select.)

    5. Choose color (colors) and select the alpha setting you want with zero being none and 100% being opaque. I find that 60-75% is very beautiful.

    6. On your rectangle tool make sure that you have chosen no color for the outline by clicking the little box with the red slash through it.

    7. Use your magnification tool to make the stage small enough that you can see the whole white stage floating on the gray background.

    8. Now draw a rectangle a little bigger then your screen.
    Voila! a beautifully transparent background.

    I find that using this method makes the colors much more interesting. In other words, even if I want a light blue background, if I select a darker blue and then make it semi-transparent rather then choosing an "opaque color" from the swatches, my movies and images are a lot more vibrant somehow. The same is true in paint, by the way.

    9. Note: using transparent blends can make your files get big faster or at least bulky so be careful how you use this...

    I hope this helps. Good Luck

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    I would highly recommend not using wmode as it doesn't work with Netscape at all and has been known to crash Internet Explorer randomly.
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    The new version of the flash player will fix those problems

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