Lol I just went to which I hadn't been to or thought about in a while and I realized how bad that site design was. I have been working on my own sites for a while, and upon visiting 2a again I realized how drab and dull the colors are, not to mention how they don't match to well, how boring and uninovative the header is, how unoriginal, plain and boring the layout is, and just an overall dullness and unoriginality. I haven't been in here a while, but I take it that 2a has a lot less respect than it used to? I think the site downright sucks after seeing it again (I never thought much of it in the first place) I know there are certain types of site, like ones without much graphics and intensness and whatnot, but I don't think 2a is good no matter what catagory you consider it in.